Out of the Shadows of 2020, Breakfast Rises Again.

Pasture-Raised, Hickory-Smoked, Uncured Bacon Now Available in Retail Packages

By Meredith Leigh

What a year. Here at Hickory Nut Gap Farm, the steady cycles of the land can afford us a feeling of insulation against the chaos of the world, as our hogs grow fatter and nose for acorns, and the mornings turn cool and foggy in our valley. Even still, we feel the strangeness of our times as strongly as ever. Many of us, customers and employees alike, are newly juggling hectic work schedules with the task of homeschooling children, as COVID has kept students on remote learning schedules.

Although busy calendars becoming busier is usually one of the hallmark reasons that people tend to find less time for the family meal, we’re excited to announce that we’ll be making it much easier for you this fall, with the release of our delicious, hickory smoked, heritage pork bacon to retail grocery stores near you.

Bacon Retail

Bacon is one of the most beloved foods in America, but until now, there have been admittedly few choices for bacon from local pasture-raised pigs on the average grocery store shelf. When the kids were in school, we might have even glossed over breakfast, wrapping a dry piece of toast in a napkin and rushing out to catch the bus, or even skipped breakfast all together, especially if that snooze button happened to be hit a few too many times. But research has shown that a healthy meal in the morning, and one that includes protein, is key to energy and productivity all day. And as 2020 has continued to reveal its challenges to the way of things, we are all looking for a spot of redemption. What about breakfast?

With students and often parents both working from home these days, the opportunity for a family meal might just be at the start of your days, as opposed to at day’s end. Before all the Zoom meetings begin, lure the kids out of bed to the smell of bacon frying, or the sizzling of some Hickory Nut Gap sausages, which make great breakfast items as well. The farm store in Fairview also offers beautiful eggs from pastured, healthy hens. There may be no better subtle satisfaction than ensuring your family a healthy turn at virtual work and school as the result of a wholesome, old-fashioned farm breakfast, complete with meats from vibrant, happy, stress-free animals.

Even if you’re not working or schooling from home, our hope is that the wider availability of our line of heritage pork products will give you better access to a trusted source of quality, healthy meat. Find our bacon, for your revived breakfast tradition or your packed lunch sandwich- beginning in September at area Ingles, Food Lion and Earth Fare locations.

meredith leigh

About the Author

Over the past 20 years, Meredith has worked as a farmer, butcher, chef, teacher, non-profit executive director, and writer, all in pursuit of good food. She is the author of  The Ethical Meat Handbook: A Complete Guide to Home Butchery, Charcuterie, and Cooking for the Conscious Omnivore, and Pure Charcuterie: The Craft & Poetry of Curing Meats at Home. Meredith travels teaching charcuterie and food production and processing, consulting for farmer and food businesses, editing, and providing marketing assistance for values-driven business. She lives with her partner and four children in Asheville, NC. Learn more about Meredith Leigh.