Hickory Nut Gap partners with the beautiful complexity of nature to produce meats that are unmatched in flavor, quality and nutrition — while having a net-positive impact on the overall health and resiliency of our ecosystem.



We respect nature and humans and the interconnectedness of life. We operate our farms with respect for our land, our animals and the farmer communities who raise them. We respect the relationships we have with partners across the entire farm-to-home journey – and for our customers who seek our brand promise with intention.


At Hickory Nut Gap we believe that loving what you do is a privilege. We are passionate about our work, each other and our place in the conscious agricultural ecosystem. We are inspired and excited about changing food and agriculture and we work hard because we care about the cause.


In order to achieve our goals we have to work as a team and count on one another. We understand that good communication and trust are critical to our success – and we always get it done, when it needs to be done.


Changing the future of agriculture and food is not for the faint of heart. It’s not for those who want to show up and do the same thing every day. We are always looking for improvements to the organization, ourselves, and with our partners.

“14 years of service from our friends at HNG. Just as it takes our whole house to believe and support local, humanely raised beef and pork, we also understand it takes everyone at HNG to make this happen for all of you. Our guests care where their food comes from just like we do.”

“The staff at Hickory Nut Gap are accessible, cooperative and knowledgeable; it makes my job easier and more pleasant. They are always happy to tell me what’s new or special, and to advise me on the best choices for my market.”

“Hickory Nut Gap provides me with grass fed beef and pastured pork that is second to none. Our customers at Woodfire rave about it. I also appreciate their exceptional customer service. I highly recommend HNG. The way agriculture should be.”

“First and foremost HNG delivers an excellent quality local product that I can always stand behind. In addition, their customer service is always on point. They are always available to answer any questions about their products. Over the years they have expanded their offerings and have a variety of items to check out!”