Building Community Through Agriculture.

We are responsible stewards of the land, people, and animals entrusted to our care. We make intentional choices to preserve opportunities for the future. We are honest and transparent in our actions in order to build trust and remain curious and open minded in our decision making.

Stewardship. Authenticity. Relationships. Leadership.


We strive to build functional ecosystems that work for farmers, animals, and the environment. Approaching agriculture in this manner promotes biodiversity, healthier soils, and cleaner water. Our efforts are in service of our community, employees and farmers. Choosing our actions with intentionality and purpose drives our legacy forward.


We believe in great customer service, supporting one another, and empowering individuals in their own journey towards growth. We are honest and transparent in our actions in order to build trust. Openness to these possibilities fosters resilience and growth.


We work with like minded businesses and value our connection with our customers and farmers. We believe the health of people, animals, and the planet are all connected.


We build pasture-based agricultural models that future generations can use.  We are intellectually honest in the pursuit of truth. We support one another to achieve long-term goals in our professional and personal lives.

“14 years of service from our friends at HNG. Just as it takes our whole house to believe and support local, humanely raised beef and pork, we also understand it takes everyone at HNG to make this happen for all of you. Our guests care where their food comes from just like we do.”

“The staff at Hickory Nut Gap are accessible, cooperative and knowledgeable; it makes my job easier and more pleasant. They are always happy to tell me what’s new or special, and to advise me on the best choices for my market.”

“Hickory Nut Gap provides me with grass fed beef and pastured pork that is second to none. Our customers at Woodfire rave about it. I also appreciate their exceptional customer service. I highly recommend HNG. The way agriculture should be.”

“First and foremost HNG delivers an excellent quality local product that I can always stand behind. In addition, their customer service is always on point. They are always available to answer any questions about their products. Over the years they have expanded their offerings and have a variety of items to check out!”