In-Store Butchery

The butchery is closed to the public temporarily due to the pandemic, but you can place an order here and take advantage of our curbside pickup.

Our 100% grassfed beef is processed at USDA-inspected facilities and then shipped back in large primal form for our in-house butchers to cut into retail portions.

Hogs are processed and shipped back whole for creating fresh retail portions. The whole carcass is utilized, including bones for broth, skin for dog treats, trim for sausage, and of course, muscle meat for quality chops and roasts.

Poultry sold at the farm store is processed on-site and available fresh or frozen.

About Our Butcher

Brian Bermingham was born and raised in New Jersey, and moved to Talahassee, FL when he was 21. There he had his first meat apprenticeship at Johnston’s Meat Locker. In 2008 he moved to Asheville, NC, where he worked in the meat departments at Earth Fare, Green Life, and Whole Foods. He’s been butchering with Hickory Nut Gap since 2015, and lives in the area with his wife, Gabriela, and two daughters, Lola and Maria.