Truck Sale 2024

It’s time to stock up, with savings between 20% – 50% off!



Original Pork Stick
20% off
BBQ Pork Stick
20% off
Skirt Steak
25% off
Hanger Steak
50% off
Marrow Bones
50% off
Boneless Pork Loin
25% off
Culotte Steak
50% off
Ground Beef 80/20
40% off
Ground Beef 90/10
25% off
St. Louis Ribs
25% off
Hot Italian Sausage Links
30% off
Bratwurst Sasuage Links
30% off

*Products offered are subject to change based on availability the day of the sale.

100% Grassfed Beef

Pasture Raised Pork

No Antibiotics or Added Hormones

Everything 20-50% off

While Supplies Last!

Saturday February 24
10am – 5pm
Hickory Nut Gap Farm
57 Sugar Hollow Rd. Fairview, NC 28730

*Note: Our original date of January 27 has been postponed due to a scheduled road closure. We will see you on February 24!

Truck Sale Rules of Engagement:

  1. Sale starts at 10am, please do not show up early. The Farm Store will be open at 10am as well!
  2. We will operate a ticket system, so be sure to stop at the Cabana/Welcome Table on your way in for a number.
  3. Feel free to enjoy the scenery, grab a hot beverage, or visit with friends until your number is called. No need to wait in line!
  4. Concessions (snacks, beers, etc.) will be available from the Farm Store, and we will have local Food Truck VooDoo Roux with hot coffee, beignets and Cajun food!
  5. Please park your vehicle in the lower parking lot and bring your coolers, bags and totes up to the Barn!
  6. The Upper parking lot is reserved for handicapped and limited mobility patrons- if you do not fall into this category, please park in the lower lot.
  7. We will take debit, credit, cash and check in the Big Barn- if you want to use EBT/Snap/WIC, let the associate at the register know beforehand, we will ring you up, and you will go into the Farm Store to pay- bring the receipt back to claim your stuff.
  8. All items in this sale are at a 20%-50% discount- no other discounts will apply.
  9. We will not be enforcing limits on customers for specific items- all items in this sale are first come, first serve, while supplies last.
  10. Our philosophy out here in Fairview is to be kind to our neighbors, patient with our staff, and gratitude for our customer’s support. We thank you in advance for your patronage and easy-going attitude while you attend the Truck Sale💖

Our good friend Spicewitch, will be in attendance sampling her spooky-good, handcrafted chili oil, chili crisp, and infused honeys.

Their spellbinding creations banish the boring and awaken taste buds with a burst of flavor- sure to warm you up while you wait at the sale.

Our 80/20 Ground Beef(on sale 40% off) pairs perfectly with Spicewitch’s Chili Crisp Spicy Honey!