Owned and operated by Dave and Gun, both Chefs from New York, Dalaya Thai opened for business in September 2019. Dave specializes in BBQ, and Gun, originally from Thailand, is a New York Times-reviewed chef who won Brooklyn Woman Chef of the Year a few years ago.

Pictured Above: Panang Nuer Kab Kai Look Keuy – Hickory Nut Gap 100% grassfed skirt steak simmered in a medium spicy panang curry with boiled then fried “son-in-law” eggs in a sweet and sour tamarind sauce. Served with steamed jasmine rice.

Dalaya Thai is a huge supporter of Hickory Nut Gap meat. They stick very closely to their traditional menu from the Northern region of Thailand and use HNG products in over 50% of their menu. They use our pasture raised pork belly, shoulder, skin, loin, ground pork, and 100% grassfed sirloin.


We’re so thankful for our Dalaya’s support over the years, and for bringing incredibly delicious Northern Thai cuisine to WNC! Check out their amazing daily specials on Instagram. And to learn more about them, check out Dalaya’s website. Visit Dalaya Thai at 1084 W Main St., Sylva, NC 28729.



1. What is your full name (or what do people call you at work?) — Corey Marino

2. What year did you start your restaurant? And when did you fall in love with cooking? — I started Catering by Corey in the summer of 2013, I fell in love with cooking when I was young.

3. What are you currently creating with Hickory Nut Gap meats? — we create A LOT of items with HNG meats! Our most popular is the Grilled Whole Beef Tenderloin, Braised Beef Brisket and Slow Roasted Pulled Pork. We also use the Brisket to make our Beef Wontons and the Pulled Pork in our Appalachian Egg rolls.

4. How does WNC or Appalachian culture influence your culinary creations? — It influences all of our creations. It’s really important to me to support local, not only because I really enjoy working with the local farmers and artisans, but because the product and customer service is always a step above what you would get elsewhere. I am so proud of what WNC produces and love highlighting it for our primarily destination clients.

We’re so thankful for our awesome partners like Catering by Corey! To learn more, check out her website here.

All photos are accredited to Christa Renee Photography.


“I took the trip out to Zadie’s Market Friday to drop their order and say thank you for all the support through Covid. Once I got there I was warmly greeted by Emily and Josh Copus, long-time college friends of Jamie and Amy Ager. Josh was working on the final touches of the converted old Marshall Jail that will soon be a hotel, bar, and market showcasing HNG, while Emily was working hard on her passion at their sister business, Carolina Flowers. There she makes flower arrangements for weddings, venues, and any occasion. That is how the Copus’s started Zadie’s market. During Covid, they needed to provide other products for delivery to customers locally. They used the pickup and delivery flower shop model to build what will now be Zadie’s market, opening this summer. This trip was special because I got to meet not only small, local business owners and supports for HNG, but true stewards of their community and farmers as well! ” – Brandon Lowery, Wholesale Warehouse Manager at Hickory Nut Gap.

A Little History

“We started Zadie’s Market because we are farmers. Our sister business, Carolina Flowers, was founded in 2016 to supply the Asheville area with flowers for weddings, events, wholesale, and everyday enjoyment. Carolina Flowers is also a delivery company, with an emphasis on bringing flowers to homes throughout the area.

Asheville’s community of farmers is full of colorful, driven growers and entrepreneurs. We have loved every minute of running a business in sustainable agriculture.

When COVID-19 shut down many of the restaurants in the Asheville area, we wanted our fellow farmers to be able to offer their products via delivery, alongside our flowers. So, we started an online grocery store, where bunches of kale were listed alongside flower arrangements.

Asheville showed us it is ready for grocery delivery. We’re so proud to forge a connection between some of the best farmers in these mountains. Our grocery store became Zadie’s Market, and our flower business continues to grow as Carolina Flowers.

Zadie’s Home Base

Zadie’s is based in the small town of Marshall, North Carolina, about 20 minutes north of Asheville. We pack and ship our deliveries from our hometown, and this location puts us in close proximity to some of the area’s best farms. We’re proud to represent a new vision for agriculture in a former tobacco community.

Zadie’s will open its first brick-and-mortar location in the Old Marshall Jail, a historic landmark in the heart of Marshall. The boutique grocery concept will include the freshest produce from local farms alongside specialty goods, a bar, a restaurant, and an expansive deck and patio with a view of the French Broad River.

Upstairs, we’ll hosts guests at our small hotel. Learn more about the Old Marshall Jail at oldmarshalljail.com.”

Check out Zadie’s website, Instagram, and Facebook.