Levi, my youngest, just reminded me to write this little article about Dog Food, which we have available again in 1 lb packs, $4/lb folks. At nine months old he is now saying Dog, Cat, and Ball and clapping his hands when he is satisfied with himself and wants you to be as well. But this reminder wasn’t verbal at all, it came during one of those he must be getting into something he’s too quiet moments. Yes I turn around to see all of Tilly (our border collie’s) dog food taken from her green bowl one sweet little chubby handful at a time. No Levi not the water, oh well now we have soaked tidbits of dog food and a stream flowing towards the lower side of our 90 year old home-office.  So it goes, I get my work done as Levi works on his age appropriate activities taking things out of containers and laughing when I catch him. Let us know if your dog needs any food. I know I need to refill Tilly’s bowl before she comes home from the farm tonight.

Serve it up to Dad. Share a grassfed, locally raised meal with Dad this Sunday. Stop by the farm store Wed-Sat 1-5 or order ahead for delivery to market. 2 Ribeye Steaks, 2 NY Strips, 1 Pack Ground Beef, 3 Packs Pork Spare Ribs, and 2 Pork Chops all for $100! Free Handmade iron steak turner with purchase too. It’s too hot to cook inside, fire up the grill!

Longtime friends Adam and Sam have paired their talents to open an authentic Jamaican cuisine restaurant. Located at 42 South Market St in Asheville and now open for lunch and dinner. Check our thier oxtails special featuring our meat! Get in touch with them at 828-280-2704