We did it! Certified organic apples grown right here at Hickory Nut Gap!  We will be selling our organic apples ($2.00/lb) as well as the low-spray conventional apples (.75/lb) at the farm store and at the three farmers markets we attend until they are gone.
Our fall season is upon us with the official opening on September 1st. We will be open 7 days a week from 9-6pm. New things to look for: the admission and snack cabana, baby goats, new cider making area, and 2012s upick organic berries on the hill. Our maze is growing and will be cut next week ready for families to wind their way through. Our pumpkins are getting bigger and the baby chicks are on their way. Come ride a pony on the weekends, picnic by the creek or have your special event at the farms newly enhanced party shed. Welcome to Hickory Nut Gap Farm, we hope you’ll visit soon!

We have just received our organic certification for our apples. Annie Ager manages all 10 acres of orchards and although its been a tough year with the high temperatures this summer we do have a crop of organic apples to sell. Our apples are all sprayed with organically approved sprays and will be available by the bag for purchase. Not the prettiest apples you’ve ever seen but rest assured they were not sprayed with potentially harmful chemicals. We grow over 15 varieties stop by often to see what is ripe. Galas, MacIntosh, Ozark Golds, Empires, Jonagolds and Jonathans to name a few that are currently being picked! Your apple pie awaits you.