Hickory Nut Gap believes healthy, delicious and insanely “crave-able” meats can co-exist in the same world where animals are treated humanely and rural farming communities grow stronger. Where the land improves with each season, and where the environment actually becomes more resilient. 

In fact, we are literally betting the farm on it.

Thanks to Hickory Nut Gap, it’s ok to pursue your taste for life and feel good about it. Indulging on our delicious, healthy premium meats is more than satisfying because you can trust that each steak, roast, chop and grind comes from cows and pigs raised their entire lives on grass and pasture in collaboration with the complexities of nature.

Hickory Nut Gap was built upon an understanding that we all thrive from the ground up. While “big agriculture” focuses on high-volume and low-prices at any cost — Hickory Nut Gap focuses on the land as the foundation of our brand and business. Our land. The fertile, ancient pastures and forests that produce high-energy grasses and cover crops primarily across the Appalachian region where we raise our cattle and hogs. In addition to the Appalachian terroir (soil, water, micro-climate, pasture & forest), Hickory Nut Gap is also deeply connected to the historic craft-maker culture of the region. We are part of a new Appalachian movement to more intentionally rebuild our regional food culture and our environment.

Farming the Hickory Nut Gap way is complex because nature is complex. Our flavor raised approach starts with the foundation of healthy land and builds an intentional partnership with nature to strengthen the entire farming ecosystem. The result is healthier soils, richer pastures, happier, more ethically raised animals, more successful farmers and rural economies, and a cleaner, more resilient environment.

Indulge your taste for life every day with Hickory Nut Gap meats.  Insanely “crave-able” — honestly, good for you and the planet.

We all thrive from the ground up.