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A Christmas Story at HNG Farm

There was a moment today at the farm store inspired by a woman who is staying nearby, that stopped in to shop for food and gifts. She hasn’t been together with her entire family for 20 years but this year they overcame the insurmountable logistical task and are having Christmas in Fairview. It could be said that […]

Grand Opening and Fall Festival Weekend Sept. 19th and 20th

Hickory Nut Gap Farm is showcasing their newly built kitchen & butchery and fall farm activities this weekend September 19th and 20th with a grand opening and fall festival celebration. The weekend includes farm tours at 10:00, 1:00 and 3:00, a corn maze, baby pigs, goats & calves to visit, culvert slides, corn box, mini […]

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Rolled Up Pork Tenderloin

From Guest Blogger: Ann Araps Sitler- HNG Meats General Manager Rolled Up Pork Tenderloin I love my grill and am easily pleased by a simple salt and peppered 100% grassfed burger any day, but sometimes I feel the need to mix it up. Pork tenderloin is a favorite cut of mine… small enough for 2-4 […]

A Deviation From Farming

You may have read about my UL love, my hometown connection to Louisville and that we usually journey here at least four times a year to make sure that everything is relatively the same as it was from the time I was born until I left in my parents car to be dropped off at […]

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From the Farm Front

Last night I sat on the porch while the third rainstorm of the day came up the valley my way and I watched the lightening bugs in the forest and couldn’t help but wonder what soundtrack they were dancing to, if there was was one to hear. Summer has arrived on the farm and what […]

Elle Early Appreciation Day

As a family business passes through generations of management the culture of the family business  also shifts appropriately.  At the turn of the century things at the farm experienced a change of guard in its own right. There is a strong oral history in this family telling of the times when Jim, Susie, Annie, Billy, […]

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The Man Behind Hobson Dobson

So there is a city, far far away, where a man named Hobson Dobson lives. Hobson Dobson has super human abilities. He can save people when they are in danger, he can fight the bad guys and do pretty much anything a four year old can imagine whose daily mode of operation was keep up […]


Can the Bull Come Inside?

Our house is nestled on a slope about 8 feet below a split rail fence. Right now all the lady cows are in Rutherford County finishing up the stockpiled grass from the farm we lease down there and the two bulls are grazing in the Chamomile Field which borders our yard. The bulls seem to get along with […]