The crew arrived today with fresh chicken gizzards for lunch. Our intern/chef extraordinaire boldy peels them, and sautees in olive oil and garlic. Three of us down them with a mmm sound reaction. One tightly purses his lips with a shake of the head and well the two others of us with less courage just politely decline. Its kind of a rule that on chicken killing days you don’t eat chicken but today with 96 birds under their belt, gizzards just seemed like a good idea. Somewhere there was some inspiration.

Not sure if there are any gizzards left folks but we do have whole, fresh chickens  available for $3.50/lb. That is until they are all sold. Come by the farm store Wed-Sat between 1-5 to claim yours. Its a first come first serve situation, but their will be another batch coming on at the end of August.

The freedom rangers, which we have been pleased with so far, are weighing about 4-6 lbs, a perfect sized broiler. I know many of you would rather buy chicken pieces (breast, legs, thigh) etc but I encourage to try roasting a whole bird or purchasing them fresh and cutting them up to freeze into your own family size portions. Feasting on a pastured raised chicken is a real treat especially in the middle of winter-plan ahead here its a seasonal product. Our most dedicated customers purchase 12 chickens each sale enough for two chicken dinners every month. Come by the farm to get your pastured chickens or visit our booth at the Asheville City and North Asheville Tailgate Markets this Saturday morning. Don’t forget if you wear your HNGF t-shirt, it’ll score you a free pack of ground beef!

Levi, my youngest, just reminded me to write this little article about Dog Food, which we have available again in 1 lb packs, $4/lb folks. At nine months old he is now saying Dog, Cat, and Ball and clapping his hands when he is satisfied with himself and wants you to be as well. But this reminder wasn’t verbal at all, it came during one of those he must be getting into something he’s too quiet moments. Yes I turn around to see all of Tilly (our border collie’s) dog food taken from her green bowl one sweet little chubby handful at a time. No Levi not the water, oh well now we have soaked tidbits of dog food and a stream flowing towards the lower side of our 90 year old home-office.  So it goes, I get my work done as Levi works on his age appropriate activities taking things out of containers and laughing when I catch him. Let us know if your dog needs any food. I know I need to refill Tilly’s bowl before she comes home from the farm tonight.

Most farmers plant their corn in May with fresh sweet corn just around the corner and field corn rising above the average six foot man’s head at this point in the season. Our corn is just going in today as we hope that the ever lingering thunder and lightening may actually produce a drop or two of water to swell our seed into germination. Getting our corn in the ground in late June helps keep it nice and green as our maze goers find their way through the corn maze this fall. If all goes well the plan is green corn stalks until mid October just before the first frost.
We’ve opened up some new ground over in the Arrowhead Pasture which will extend the maze to be a little bigger than last year and get the ground ready for future crops. For now we are focusing on getting the corn and pumpkin seeds in the ground before the end of the week so we can all enjoy each others company this fall over a crisp apple and a carving pumpkin in tow.

We’ve been printing the same farm t-shirt for over four years now. There must be at least 2000 of them out there in the world with a critical mass in Asheville for sure. Sport your Hickory Nut Gap Farm t-shirt at Asheville City Market or the North Asheville Tailgate Market this weekend July 3rd and receive a free pack of ground beef. You never know when an extra neighbor may show up at your Fourth of July cookout! If you don’t have one yet….come on by the farm store, we’ll still give you a free pack of ground beef.

Serve it up to Dad. Share a grassfed, locally raised meal with Dad this Sunday. Stop by the farm store Wed-Sat 1-5 or order ahead for delivery to market. 2 Ribeye Steaks, 2 NY Strips, 1 Pack Ground Beef, 3 Packs Pork Spare Ribs, and 2 Pork Chops all for $100! Free Handmade iron steak turner with purchase too. It’s too hot to cook inside, fire up the grill!

Longtime friends Adam and Sam have paired their talents to open an authentic Jamaican cuisine restaurant. Located at 42 South Market St in Asheville and now open for lunch and dinner. Check our thier oxtails special featuring our meat! Get in touch with them at 828-280-2704

Over 250 visitors came by the farm on Sunday to see horses plowing, participate in cooking lessons, play in the shade of the creek, eat locally grown blackberry ice cream, ride on a pony, watch a blacksmithing demonstration and much much more. Many thanks to Park Ridge Hospital who provided chili, cornbread and hospitality for the event. Thinking this should be an annual event?