Will this be your New Years Resolution? An obtainable resolution living in this town with all the amazing vegetables, breads, cheeses, honey, sorghum, grits, and meats grown in our area.  We at Hickory Nut Gap are crafting a CSA for meats model to make this goal easier. Are you interested in receiving a weekly (or monthly) “basket” of grassfed beef and pastured pork treasures. Please send us an email to orders@hickorynutgapfarm.com  stating your interest and your wish list of conveniences. We are developing this idea and would like to implement starting in the new year. A quick and easy way to get healthy meats to your table. Pick up locations could include farm store, farmers market, or neighborhood drop offs. We just need a mass following to make it happen. 

Thank you for your feedback in our recent survey, we have heard your requests and our prioritizing tasks to make our business better in the new year. The shopping cart, long awaited, is underway and with fingers crossed will be up by the mid January. We value you as customers and invite your feedback anytime. It’s the only way we know the impact we are having and will be able to serve you better.

This is what you should cook for Christmas dinner! It’s a no brainer beef tenderloin at 30% off retail. That is a savings of $6/lb. Regularly priced at $19/lb on sale now for $13/lb. While supplies last. These 3 lb whole grassfed beef tenderloins will dazzle your family and guests, treat them to a local beef dinner. We are also offering our Whole Boneless Pork Loins at the same discount 30% off. That’s a markdown of $3/lb. Rub with olive oil, rosemary and sage, (Annie Agers all time favorite seasoning for pork) and let the oven do its magic of roasting your dinner infusing the flavors of pastured raised pork and herbs. These roasts can also be cut into pork chops, your choice of thickness. (These additional sale products do not qualify for the 10% discount of entire meat purchase.)

Your ENTIRE MEAT PURCHASE! Our gift to you, a little sale this week, well how ’bout next week too! Wed-Sat 1-5 folks. Closed Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Years Eve so get stocked up for these cold days and kids who are at home eating all day long! Break out the crock pot and put in a beef roast, sip your cocoa by the fire, get out that book you’ve been wanting to read and let dinner cook itself. We have a grand stock of beef roasts for you to choose from and much much more.

Can you answer YES to these questions? Do I have HNG Meats sausage and bacon in the freezer for Christmas morning breakfast? Do I have a good stew on hand to warm up for unexpected guests? Will Johnny have his favorite snack, HNG Jerky and Kielbasa in his stocking? If not come on by and we will help you finish your shopping and check yes to these questions. Still can’t figure out what to get your parents, feed them well this year with a Hickory Nut Gap Meats GIFT CERTIFICATE.

Each morning the boys and I search for more colors of which mysteriously seem to appear overnight. The leaves are changing quickly especially as you climb in elevation. The orange, reds and yellows coupled with the days end light have lent to some amazing pictures this fall. Last week there was the cutest chubby cheeked giraffe posing among the pumpkins. Come out and see us bring your camera. Costumes welcome!  Check the link below for weekly updates on color. http://www.exploreasheville.com/what-to-do/seasonal-fun/fall-color-in-the-asheville-area/asheville-fall-color-report/index.aspx

Locally made and raised ideas, available at the farm store.
Open 7 Days a week through October 31st. Open Wed-Sat 1-5 Year Around. Come on by get your shopping done early!

HNG Meats -20 lb Box of Beef or Pork
Looking Glass Creamery– Goat Cheese
The Hairy Potters– Cork-nosed Piggy Banks
Maria Pritchards– Jewelry
Michaels Silks-Shibori Silk Scarves
Steve Bakkens-Wrought Iron Steak Turners
Jessica Lynns-Oil Paintings
Imladris Farm-Jams
Lusty Monk-Mustards
HNG Farm– Apple Cider
Fire on the Mountain– Hot Sauce and BBQ Sauce

New farm postcards available. Take home one or all four images. {50 a piece or 4/$1.75} Tell folks what you have been doing this fall and spread the beauty of the mountains and the message of sustainable agriculture to your family and friends.

Where else can you see bees in action! Come view our bee observatory located in the barn, learn about bees and understand the vital role they play in our local food economy. Long time beekeeper, Greg Rogers of Haw Creek Honey, has provided the hive to help educate folks about raising bees and the production of honey in WNC. Appreciate all the work these insects do so we can enjoy a little honey on our biscuits! Haw Creek Honey offers both its Sourwood and Mountain Wildflower honey harvests for sale in our farm store.

We can help with that! Order ahead by emailing jamie@hickorynutgapfarm.com

Prime rib $12.50/lb  SALE
Beef Tenderloins $16/lb SALE
Turkeys (sold out)
Boneless Pork Loins $8.50/lb
Whole Chickens $3.50/lb

Lunch Trays
Beef Keilbasa $6/pack
Pork Ribs $6/lb

Pork Breakfast Sausage $5/lb
Chorizo $6/lb

Stocking Stuffers/Shopping Snacks
Beef Stix $2 each

Bring the kids and find the perfect jack-o-lantern pumpkin for Halloween. Don’t forget a few more for decorating the table and porch steps!  Prices range from $2-8 depending on the size you choose. The corn maze is just up the hill from the patch so save time to wander and test your ag trivia knowledge. 

Take advantage of our admission discount rate Monday-Friday through the end of October. $4 for adults, $2 for children 5&up and kids 4 and under are always FREE! During the week you can see the animals, play on the hay, watch bees making honey, go through the corn maze and pick your own pumpkin as well as shop in the farm store. (Pony rides and facepainting are only available on Sat and Sun)

Forested Hogs
With the hot summer sun still at our backs for a few more weeks our focus here at the farm is not just about keeping ourselves cool and hydrated. We have found that simple solutions and ideas can make a world of difference in both the comfort and quality of our animals.
As is with our other livestock enterprises, rotational grazing and pasture management are just as important to our success as any other aspect of the business. Whereas cows need to be moved daily, hogs tend to live in one place for a period until they are ready to be harvested. When we obtain a new swine herd we like to let the pasture that housed the previous herd rest. When the new herds of pigs arrived in late July and again in early September, we had the opportunity to put our hogs up in special environment. In my opinion keeping pigs in the forest exceeds the benefits of having them on pasture. Most of the time our pork is raised on all grass-pasture with provided or animal initiated wallowing holes and metal shelters to provide shade from the sun in the afternoon. Having pastured hogs gives us the benefits of having the pigs plow the earth while they root up weeds and deposit manure which adds nitrogen and organic matter to the soil.
This summer has been hot and our grass/forage growth has been slow do to infrequent rainfall. The fact of the matter is that we decided not put our hogs on pasture at all. Two separate herds of 50 plus grower hogs per herd currently have access to an acre and a half (give or take) of heavily wooded forests. Native hemlocks, poplar, oak and white pine provide copious amounts of shade as well as biodiversity.
Before the pigs showed up the areas were overgrown with invasive vines and brambles like wild blackberry and multi-floral rose. Within a few days the hogs had ransacked their new home— foraging and rooting everything of interest. Along with a primary diet of corn and soy, our pigs eat insects, roots, leafy greens, and grass. Currently our nut bearing trees in the forest are providing an additional nutritional option for the hogs.
In other parts of the world such as Spain hogs spend their entire lives in wooded areas. The Jamón ibérico ham (Southern Spain) is a world renowned product that gains its flavor from the unique diet offered by the forests of that region. The pigs of southern Spain (breed: black Iberian) are allowed to roam in pasture and oak groves to feed naturally on grass, herbs, acorns, and roots, until slaughtering time approaches.
Evolutionary speaking, hogs are naturally at home in forested environment. Behaviors and habits of domesticated pigs parallels that of the wild boar (entirely forage based diet) found in many places of Western Europe and across the United States. Along with the general happiness and welfare of our pig herd we are very concerned with producing a quality, flavorful pork product. Happy, well-fed animals make tasty meat. The variety in our hogs’ diet will be sure to produce some of the best pork available in Western North Carolina.
You can always stop by the farm and check out our pig operation for yourself, and you might just leave with some fresh apple cider and a pork tenderloin ready for your cast iron.